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Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health

Asia Pacific Paediatric Sleep Alliance (APPSA)
Some translations of material available in Chinese, Vietnamese and Indonesian.

Australasian Sleep Association

Better Health Channel

Clinical Trials Connect
Clinical Trials Connect Pty Ltd (CTC) is an online patient recruitment service designed to help people interested in volunteering for medical research find clinical trials that are relevant to them.

Lung Foundation
Lung Foundation Australia supports all aspects of lung health from asthma to cancer to COPD with a proud history of community education, including a toll-free patient information and support centre with a lung care nurse.When you can breathe nothing else matters.

Hypersomnolence Australia
Advocating, raising awareness, educating & providing support for the rare neurological sleep disorder, Idiopathic Hypersomnolence (Idiopathic Hypersomnia).

Interesting video on Narcolepsy
This clip focusses on cataplexy, one possible symptom associated with narcolepsy.
Click here to access the video clip

NODSS is a support group set up to help people with sleep disorders. While we do tend to have more Narcoleptics as members, we provide counselling and information to people with any sleep disorder.

HealthDirect Information on Restless Leg Syndrome 

National Sleep Foundation
Insomnia Resource

Just for Fun Top 100:

Sleep Songs
Sleep Movies

SAVE (Sleep Apnea cardioVascular Endpoints)
Is an international study, attempting to discover if the use of CPAP can reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke or heart failure in patients with OSA. The study is coordinated internationally by The George Institute for Global Health in collaboration with the Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health. The George Institute oversees recruitment globally.
If you are interested in volunteering, or would like to find out more about the SAVE Study, please follow the link below

Senate Motion:  Senator John Madigan and also on behalf of Senators Xenophon, Smith and Di Natale
Senate Motion - Sleep Health Foundation Speech

Sentis is proudly supporting the Sleep Health Foundation in raising awareness about the importance of sleep on individual wellbeing and safety performance. For more information and helpful tips click here.

Sleep Apnea Support Australia Inc
Illawarra - Braidwood - Victorian Border
An Independent, Non Profit support group that takes a holistic approach to health, not just sleep apnea.

Sleep Disorders Australia
Sleep Disorders Australia is a voluntary organisation with branches in each State, providing information and support to sufferers of sleep disorders and their families.

Interesting video about Sleep Hygiene and how to sleep better.

The American Academy of Sleep

The Shed Online
The Shed Online is an online social community where men can socialise, network, make friends and share skills. It aims to recreate the atmosphere of “real life” Men Sheds – a safe space where men can feel confident to discuss and exchange information.

The University of Queensland

Wake Up Australia: The Value of Healthy Sleep
This report was prepared by Access Economics for the steering committee of Sleep Health Australia, a nascent national sleep health organisation.

Sleep apnea in babies and children
Listen to Dr Chris Seton talk to Dr Nicole Weeks about sleep apnoea in babies and children.
You can listen to it here