Sleep Health Foundation Research Grant Program

Survey on ‘Understanding and helping the sleep deficits of Australian carers’

This is a call for EOIs from institutions (e.g. Universities) to undertake an online survey research project, conducted on behalf of the Sleep Health Foundation, with funding provided by Carers Australia.

Purpose and Outcomes

Carers Australia (CA) recently partnered with the Sleep Health Foundation (SHF) to undertake a review of evidence based literature about sleep disruption in carers. The literature indicated that carers experience significant disturbances to sleep and impairments to both sleep quantity and sleep quality, across all caring contexts.  CA are now seeking to build on the findings of this review by supporting the development and conduct of a short online survey to better identify the causes of sub-optimal sleep in Australian carers, understand the best ways to tackle this problem and disseminate this information, via fact sheets and publications, as widely as possible.


$20,000 plus GST.  

Timeline and Deliverables

The project must be completed by 24th June 2020.  This is not negotiable.

Expressions of Interest

If you are interested in submitting an EOI please email for a copy of (a) the brief (with detailed aims) plus draft contract, (b) the literature review report entitled Reducing the Burden of Sleep Disruption in Caregivers and (c) accompanying fact sheets. 

EOIs should be no more than 3 pages and include:

  • Principal contact and research team (attach CVs as an Appendix)
  • Capability (skills) to achieve the desired output including a description of similar work undertaken
  • Background in sleep/sleep health and any knowledge of the relevant literature
  • Capacity to achieve the proposed timeline and deliverables for the project

EOIs are due by 4pm on 25th September 2019

Please email EOIs to .  Any specific questions about this project should be initially addressed to this email address.