Carer Patti

Patti 62, Part Time Store Manager and cares for her mother, Margaret, 86

Mum used to take naps during the day and then she’d have trouble sleeping through the night. Every night she’d wake me up and I would stay up with her because I was worried about what would happen if she was left alone. I was

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Carer Elena

Elena 16, full time student and helps care for her Grandmother Jianli, 79.

If Grandma wakes up in the middle of the night she gets really confused about who we are and where she is. We talk to her in Chinese and reintroduce ourselves to her and this helps calm her down. Mum put lots of family

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Carer Angelo

Angelo 72, retired and cares for his wife Maria 67

Maria always gets up and wanders around the house while I sleep. One night I woke up and found her sitting outside on the wet grass. That made me worry. I felt like I couldn’t keep her safe anymore. I started thinking about nursing homes for

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Carer Panna

Panna 54, full time dental hygienist and cares for her husband Suran 68.

When Suran started having problems falling asleep it really upset our lives. He would get frustrated and irritable early in the early evening and stay that way till past our bedtime. The doctor said he could be “sundowning”

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Carer Ciara

Ciara 42, full time mother of 2 and cares for her father Maurice 67.

The one thing I still find hard about dad’s Alzheimer’s is when he gets confused and just not himself at night. What has been really helpful is getting a bit of support and advice from other people in the same situation as

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