Carer Angelo

Angelo 72, retired and cares for his wife Maria 67

Maria always gets up and wanders around the house while I sleep. One night I woke up and found her sitting outside on the wet grass. That made me worry. I felt like I couldn’t keep her safe anymore. I started thinking about nursing homes for her.

I’ve come up with some great ideas how to keep Maria safe and help her sleep. Every night I turn on nightlights in the hallway leading to the toilet. Just really dim ones so they don’t keep us up at night. We used to use them for the grandkids when they slept over so they could find their own way to the bathroom and back by themselves. It helps Maria in the same way.

I also put bells on the doors leading outside so I will wake up if she opens them. Maria still wanders every now and then but now, she often comes back to bed again. I feel better because I know I can keep her safe at home with me.