Carer Patti

Patti 62, Part Time Store Manager and cares for her mother, Margaret, 86

Mum used to take naps during the day and then she’d have trouble sleeping through the night. Every night she’d wake me up and I would stay up with her because I was worried about what would happen if she was left alone. I was exhausted! I just didn’t know what to do.

My sister-in-law who is a nurse said that I should try and keep mum busy during the day to try to stop her napping. So I started taking mum shopping with me and going down to the park in the afternoon. Mum really likes going to the park now. It’s our regular time together where we just both relax and wander. It has got her interested in gardening again too which is great. These changes have really helped with mum’s sleep. She only occasionally wakes up in the night so that means I get to sleep too.