Carer Ciara

Ciara 42, full time mother of 2 and cares for her father Maurice 67.

The one thing I still find hard about dad’s Alzheimer’s is when he gets confused and just not himself at night. What has been really helpful is getting a bit of support and advice from other people in the same situation as me. I joined a caregivers support group and it has been great. I get a lot of information on Alzheimer’s and really helpful tips from the other carers. I found out that Dad’s confusion is probably “sundowning” and that it is quite common in people with dementia.

Now I have ways to calm Dad down and get him to sleep at night. We know what to do as soon as he starts acting out of sorts. My support group also put me in touch with community services that help me in really practical ways. I have two teenage boys to look after as well, so I know that sometimes I just need a bit of help from outside the family.