Create a relaxing environment for sleep

Making some changes to your home can help a person living with dementia. Consider what tips may work for your household as each person experiences dementia differently.
These suggestions are especially important if your loved one is anxious, fearful, in pain or having hallucinations.

  • As much as

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Video: Light and Contrast - Creating a familiar home environment

Wandering at Night helpful ideas

When you find your loved one wandering at night:

  • Gently remind the person that it is night-time and it's time to go to sleep.
  • Check if they need to use the toilet, consider if they are hungry, frustrated or bored?
  • Think about what changes you could make in the environment to calm them

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Waking during the Night

Think about the ligthing conditions that are best for the person living with dementia that will help orientate them if they do wake up at night:

  • Movement sensors are easy to buy to light up the path to the toilet. 
  • Put night lights in the bedroom, hallway and bathroom. 
  • Switch

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Design your Environment

Brain storm ideas on how to improve your loved one’s sleep environment. Rank these ideas and trial the first two. Write in a diary to keep track of what works for you.

What Causes Wandering?

If your loved one is wandering at night consider what might be causing it.

  • Maybe they are having

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