Healthy Sleep Partners

Through our Healthy Sleep Partner Program, the Sleep Health foundation encourages businesses who have direct contact with consumers interested in a good night’s sleep, to partner with it and become informed advocates for healthier sleep.   

While the Sleep Health Foundation Board has agreed that we cannot endorse one product or brand over another we are keen to help businesses with a customer focus to help spread the healthy sleep message.  

If you are interested in becoming a Healthy Sleep Partner please email us at:  or call 02 8814 8655.  

We are delighted to welcome the following Healthy Sleep Partners.


Adjusta Mattress

Now you can keep your favourite surround or base and just replace your mattress. With an Adjusta Adjustable Massage Mattress transform your bed into an adjustable bed today at an affordable cost.

Bird Healthcare

bird healthcareBird Healthcare is an Australian owned company with over 25 years’ experience in developing, manufacturing and selling diagnostic and treatment solutions for the respiratory and sleep medicine markets and is very proud to support the Sleep Health Foundation. We provide sleep diagnostics products to hospitals, private practices and CPAP retailers. We also have a range of sleep treatment solutions such as CPAP, filters and tubing, Positional Sleep devices and Mandibular Advancement solutions.

Epworth Sleep Centre

The Epworth Sleep Centre is a multidisciplinary, internationally recognized academic service. We manage the complete range of sleep disorders across the lifespan and we provide the complete range of treatment options. Every member of our medical team has current, substantive public hospital and academic appointments and are involved in training, education and research to advance the field of sleep medicine. We are members of, and have roles within the Australasian Sleep Association, which is the governing body for maintaining standards within the sleep medical discipline and the Sleep Health Foundation.


fessCare Pharmaceuticals, the makers of FESS.

FESS offers a range of nasal saline products to help relieve nasal congestion.

Breathe easier, sleep easier with FESS.

A Natural Way To Relieve Blocked Noses - FESS®


Forty Winks

fortywinks logoForty Winks is your locally owned and operated bedding retail specialist stocking the widest range of mattresses and bedroom furniture, featuring leading Australian and International brands. Their exclusive bedMATCH® technology takes the confusion out of buying a bed by matching you to a mattress best suited for your body type and unique sleep needs. As a proud Healthy Sleep Partner of the Sleep Health Foundation, Forty Winks is serious about sleep and their team of in-store sleep experts can advise you on how best to prepare yourself and your sleep environment to get the best possible night's rest.


Tontine Logo

Proud Healthy Sleep Partners Tontine have been helping Australian families enjoy better sleep by providing them with a wide range of high quality Australian made pillows and quilts for more than 60 years. Tontine bedding also includes an extensive range of mattress toppers, pillow and mattress protectors as well as Choice® recommended mattresses.