Mission, Aims & Objectives


Promoting better sleep to optimise health, well-being and performance for all Australians.


Improving people’s lives through better sleep


The Sleep Health Foundation is a not for profit health promotion charity that aims to raise community awareness about the value of sleep and its common disorders, and to improve public health and safety. 

We strive to deepen community understanding of the importance of sleep for health and performance; why sleep disorders need professional diagnosis and treatment; and to provide information about common sleep difficulties and how to address them.

The Foundation receives no government funding.  Support is provided by membership fees, corporate sponsorship, partnership programs, donations, brokering research grants and fees for expert speakers.   The Foundation is endorsed to receive charity tax concessions and as a deductible gift recipient.

All of the educational resources produced by the Foundation are developed and/or reviewed by independent experts selected for their knowledge of a particular subject.

Our strategic aims and objectives

  • Community education and health promotion:
    Providing evidence based community education materials and encouraging partnerships to promote sleep health.
  • Political and community advocacy:
    Providing strong advocacy to help meet the sleep health needs of the community and people with sleep disorders.
  • Best practice in services and therapy:
    Encouraging evidence based sleep health treatments and patient-focused services and outcomes.
  • Research:
    Facilitating and disseminating sleep research, including knowledge translation