Air Liquide

AIR LIQUIDE Healthcare is a division of the AIR LIQUIDE Group which serves both hospitals and the community and takes care of more than 700,000 homecare patients around the world.

AIR LIQUIDE Healthcare is one of Australia's only fully integrated healthcare solution providers, offering a comprehensive portfolio of services and products, including home oxygen therapy, sleep apnoea support programs, hospital discharge, home respiratory assessment, expert clinical education and follow-up for the patient and family, along with medical gases, medical systems and accessories for hospitals.

Respiratory Home Services & Sleep Therapy

AIR LIQUIDE Healthcare is a leading supplier of Home Medical Oxygen and Sleep therapy services. Medical oxygen administered by trained professionals outside of acute care facilities is a proven cost effective solution to maximise the quality of life and decrease hospital readmission rates.

In addition to carrying a wide range of CPAP and Bi-Level equipment from all leading manufacturers, we provide unparalleled sleep therapy services, including:

  • A convenient therapy initiation program and trial on CPAP machines, masks and humidifiers
  • A flexible CPAP rental program
  • Comprehensive education on Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
  • Therapy support calls to ensure comfort and success of therapy
  • Provision of the website which assists patients in managing their CPAP therapy

Our home support programs are service and solution driven, ensuring compliance to therapy and peace of mind to the physician and the patients we have the privilege to service. AIR LIQUIDE Healthcare services are available from more than 40 locations across Australia.

AIR LQUIDE Healthcare supports the Sleep Health Foundation

AIR LIQUIDE Healthcare supports all initiatives of the Sleep Health Foundation in raising awareness of sleep health.