Alertness Safety & Productivity CRC

The Alertness CRC is an industry focused research program committed to maximising alertness in the workplace. The mission of the Alertness CRC is to:

  • Promote the prevention and control of sleep loss and sleep disorders
  • Develop new tools and products for individuals and organisations to improve alertness, productivity and safety

A Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) is the ideal mechanism to bring together stakeholders in a multi-sector, end user driven initiative to address the following five key challenges:

  • The available tools to measure, monitor and manage the public safety risks posed by reduced alertness are currently inadequate 
  • Sleep loss affects different people in different ways
  • There has been a failure to account for the variation between individuals when managing fatigue
  • Effective strategies to improve alertness in the workplace and to help shift workers reduce the health and safety risks inherent in their work schedule are lacking or poorly integrated with other aspects of their lives
  • There has been no evidence based program to determine the best way of informing the public, professions and regulatory groups about how to manage work schedules to optimise alertness.