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If you think you have a sleep disorder please contact the institutions listed to express your interest in volunteering for a research study.

Sleep Literacy in Australian Health Professionals

Sleep Photo

Inadequate sleep is a significant public health issue. A recent parliamentary report (Bedtime Reading) recommended that the Australian government assesses the sleep knowledge of health professionals, and develops effective training mechanisms to improve the knowledge of primary healthcare

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Sleep Trial III

Participants regularly suffering from sleep problems, including difficulty initiating sleep, waking up frequently during the night and having difficulties falling back asleep, or waking up earlier than desired without being able to fall back asleep are wanted for a study investigating a new

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Do you play sport? How is your sleep?

We are looking for participants (age 18+) to do a short 15-minute online survey on the impact of #COVID-19 on sleep, training and health in #athletes.

What do you need to do?

Complete a simple 15-minute survey online 

Who are we looking for?

Anyone who plays for a sports team (any level)

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Sleep in adults aged 60 - 80 years in Western Australia

What is the research question?

This study will examine sleep in adults aged 60 - 80 years residing in Western Australia. We are looking for people both with and without insomnia.

What will the participants be expected to do?

We ask you to fill in an online questionnaire, wear a wrist sleep watch

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Looking for people with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

OSA volunteers

Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health is seeking healthy people with sleep apnoea (men and women) aged 25-65 years to take part in a 4 week clinical trial with a medication to look at different doses and tolerability. Participants will be compensated for their time.

For more information about the

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The effects of noise disruption on sleep disturbance

  • What is the research question?

This study will be the first direct investigation of real-world wind farm noise compared to traffic noise effects using gold-standard assessments of sleep (i.e., polysomnography that measures brainwaves and other physiological factors to determine sleep/wake)

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Adult volunteers for Newcastle research study

Do you always feel tired or sleepy?

If YES, you may qualify for a research study.

The Adult Sleep Laboratory in Newcastle is looking for volunteers for a research study investigating the effectiveness of alternative therapies on sleep and daytime alertness in adults aged 18 years or older with a

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Environmental Noise Study

Simultaneous sleep and acoustic measurements in the natural home setting

This study will be the first direct investigation of real-world wind farms compared to traffic noise effects on gold-standard polysomnography assessments of sleep. The aim is to assess self-reported (subjective) and direct

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Parent-Child Sleep Study

Do you and your child have difficulty sleeping?

Parents often end up losing hours of sleep because of their child’s sleep problems. If you are a parent experiencing something similar, then this Parent-Child Sleep Study is for you!
Researchers at RMIT University are recruiting parents for a study

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Investigation into later bedtimes for individuals with sleep concerns

Our study aims to investigate the impact delaying bedtimes has on people with sleep concerns. We are interested in understanding whether alternate bedtime schedules have associated changes in thoughts about sleep, changes in daytime functioning and additionally whether there are flow-on effects on

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Does your teenager have a sleep problem?

  • have trouble falling asleep?
  • not fall asleep until late at night?
  • have trouble waking up or getting out of bed in the morning?
  • miss school or feel fatigued throughout the school day?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your teenager could benefit from treatment at the Child &

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Does your child have a sleep problem?

Evaluating child sleep health treatments.

Does your child have a sleep problem?

  • refuse to go to bed at night
  • have trouble falling asleep
  • wake up and cannot get back to sleep
  • have trouble waking up or getting out of bed in the morning
  • often sleep in their parents' bed or bedroom or need a

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