Dementia, Sleep & Wellbeing

Sleep problems are common among people living with dementia and their care partners. Sleep disturbance is associated with a wide range of undesirable outcomes including fatigue, agitation and cognitive dysfunction. Currently, accessible treatments to reduce sleep problems amongst people living with dementia and care partners are limited.

Monash has developed a six-week sleep program targetting sleep and mood in people living with dementia and primary care partners. As part of the program, personalised and group-based sessions are delivered by a sleep coach/psychologist using Zoom. The project was developed by sleep and dementia clinicians and researchers with ongoing community input. 

Monash is looking for pairs of care partners and people living with dementia who are:

  • Living together
  • Would like help with their sleep
  • Able to provide their consent to take part 

If you are interested or would like further information, please use this link:

Chief Investigator: Dr Melinda Jackson

School of Psychological Sciences

Research Coordinator: Aimee Brown

School of Psychological Sciences