Parent-Child Sleep Study

Do you and your child have difficulty sleeping?

Parents often end up losing hours of sleep because of their child’s sleep problems. If you are a parent experiencing something similar, then this Parent-Child Sleep Study is for you!
Researchers at RMIT University are recruiting parents for a study that investigates how a child’s sleep impacts their parents’ sleep. The research involves an online survey that can be completed from home.

Individual feedback available! Personalized results can help address you and your child’s sleep problems!

Brief Overview

Sleep disturbances experienced by children can have an impact on their parents. Parents can experience reduced sleep quality, more awakenings and mood issues because of their child’s sleep problems. This study aims to investigate such parent-child sleep relationships. The objective is to highlight a child’s sleep problems can cause insomnia-like symptoms in parents. Another aim is to examine if these sleep problems can put parents at-risk of developing insomnia.

What are participants expected to do?

• If you are interested in participating in the study, visit this link to complete the survey
• The survey can be completed at home and requires about 45 minutes. Questions are related to parent’s sleep quality, sleep habits, arousal and mood with child’s sleep habits and behaviour
• There are no other time commitments required for the study
• Individual feedback available for participants

Location of the study

At home

Who is eligible to participate?

Parents above 18 years of age, with at least one child above the age of 2 years are eligible to participate. Parents must have fluency in English

Who to contact and by what date?

Participants can contact Miss Prerna Varma at (alternatively at ) for any queries or link to the survey. The study is expected to conclude mid-year, 2018.

Interested in the study?

Visit this link to participate

Email Miss Prerna Varma at  or  for any queries.