Sleep Literacy in Australian Health Professionals

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Inadequate sleep is a significant public health issue. A recent parliamentary report (Bedtime Reading) recommended that the Australian government assesses the sleep knowledge of health professionals, and develops effective training mechanisms to improve the knowledge of primary healthcare practitioners in diagnosing and managing sleep health problems.

If you are a fully qualified medical practitioner, nurse, psychologist, social worker, occupational therapist, pharmacist or dentist working in Australia, you are invited to participate in this research study, which aims to survey knowledge, practices, and attitudes towards sleep in Australian Health Professionals. For more information please contact the Chief Investigator Dr Cele Richardson at +61 8 6488 3141 or .

To participate in the study, visit

Participants will gain access to a sleep toolkit, which may assist with the management of sleep in their clinical practice.

Approval to conduct this research has been provided by the University of Western Australia, in accordance with its ethics review and approval procedures.

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