Advertising Policy

Use of the acronym SHF in the advertising policies below shall be defined as applying to the Sleep Health Foundation.

Acceptance of Advertising

  • Is subject to review and approval by the SHF. All advertising and inserts submitted must be accurate and adhere to the principles of the SHF terms and conditions. Materials must be reviewed by the SHF Company Secretary, Chair and Marketing and Communications Committee Chair and may be edited accordingly.
  • The SHF reserves the right to cancel or reject advertising deemed not to be in keeping with its aims and objectives.
  • Advertisers are advised not to print their inserts until they receive confirmation that the artwork has been approved. The approved proof MUST be the version that gets printed.
  • Advertising and insert deadlines arc included on this form. Advertisers are required to pay in full by the booking and payment deadline for the issue in which the advertisement/insert is to appear
  • If payment has not been received for an advertisement by the deadline date for material for that edition of SHF News, that advertisement will not be published and the cancellation fee will apply.
  • Where an advertisement is promoting a university course that is not an approved course for the purposes of SHF membership, a disclaimer will appear alongside the advertisement to ensure clarity that the SHF is not endorsing the course by publishing the advertisement, as follows: *This course has not been approved or endorsed by the SHF*
  • Promotion of products, meetings, and services that compete directly with those offered by the SHF and its affiliates is generally prohibited.
  • Advertisements containing testimonials or those that quote the names, statements, or writings of any individual, public official, government agency, testing group or other organization must be accompanied by a written consent for use from the quoted individual entity.
  • The use of the SHF name and/or logo is prohibited without the SHF prior written approval.
  • The fact that an advertisement for a product, service or company has appeared in an SHF publication or on a website shall not be referred to in collateral advertising.
  • Advertisers may cite in footnotes references from scientific literature, provided the reference is truthful and is a fair representation of the body of literature supporting the claim made.
  • Advertisements using the claim of "best" or "more" or any other word with the same meaning to describe their products or services is prohibited.
  • All claims of fact must be fully supportable and should be meaningful in terms of performance or any other benefit. Advertisers should avoid the use of claims whose validity depends upon extremely fine interpretations of meaning. This does not exclude the use of normal qualifiers, such as footnotes, which may be necessary to render a claim true.
  • The inclusion of an advertisement in SHF publications or on websites is not to be construed or publicized as an endorsement or approval by the SHF, nor may the advertiser promote that its advertising claims are approved or endorsed by the SHF.
  • Artwork, format, and layout should be such as to avoid confusion with editorial content of the publication or website. The SHF reserves the right to insert the word "Advertisement" above or below any copy to avoid confusion. Advertorials are prohibited.
  • Advertisements that conflict or have the appearance of conflicting with SHF policy are prohibited.

General Guidelines

  • The SHF reserves the right to change its advertising policies at any time.

Limitations of Liability

  • The advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the SHF for all damages, costs, expenses of any nature including court costs and legal fees, for which the SHF may become liable by reason of its publication of the advertiser's advertisement.
  • The SHF will endeavour to publish advertisements promptly and accurately. The SHF assumes no responsibility to verify statements contained in an advertisement. Any inadvertent errors by the SHF will be corrected promptly upon discovery, without additional charge, and such obligation to correct shall constitute the sole liability of the SHF
  • The SHF does not make corrections to ad artwork. All ad artwork must be submitted in final format. The SHF will not be held responsible for incorrect ad sizes or incorrect copy in artwork that is submitted or picked up from a previous Publisher or outside organizations publication,
  • The SHF is not responsible for the final reproductive quality of any materials provided that do not meet the defined specifications of the publication. This includes colour quality when proofs for press match are not provided by the advertiser.
  • The SHF is not responsible for printer's or clerical errors, nor will any credits be given for advertising errors not reported after the first issue in which the ad is published.
  • All efforts are made to preserve advertising materials in their original condition. However, the SHF is not responsible for lost or damaged advertising materials after production.
  • The SHF is not responsible for advertising placements near competing products unless an agreement has been made in writing between the SHF and advertiser prior. The SHF will not be bound by any condition appearing on insertion orders/contracts or copy instructions submitted by or on behalf of the advertiser, when such condition conflicts with any provision in this rate card or with the SHF policy.