Women's Sleep

  • Menopause

    How does sleep change during the menopause?
    Many women report that it is more difficult to sleep well during the menopause. They say that it is not as easy to get to sleep or to stay asleep and they also tend to wake up earlier than planned. This may be due to less oestrogen in the body. After

  • MenstrualCycle

    Does sleep quality change across the menstrual cycle in women?
    Up to 7 in 10 women say that their sleep changes just before their period. The most common time for this is 3 to 6 days before having the period.

    Are sleeping problems a common part of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)?
    Yes. Most women

  • Pregnancy

    Is sleep important when you are pregnant?
    Pregnancy is a time when you need to pay particular attention to your health. During pregnancy, the mother’s body changes rapidly. Any health issues may impact on the development and growth of the baby. Most people know that you need a balanced diet and

  • NewMothers header

    1.Plan for the fact that your sleep pattern is going to change

    Babies are not born with a day-night wake-sleep cycle.  They develop this over the first 3 months following birth.  So whilst a newborn baby may sleep a lot, they will also wake up a lot for feeds and other attention and