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  • Body Clock

    Body Clock

    What makes you tick?

    It might surprise you to know that your brain has a kind of clock in it. This keeps things ticking over every day. As humans, we prefer to sleep at night and be up during the day. This isn’t due to habit or work schedules or convenience. It is driven by the body clock. Even

  • Burnout and Sleep

    • Burnout is a common occupational syndrome characterised by feelings of exhaustion, cynicism and low personal accomplishment at work
    • Burnout affects people emotionally and physically, and their behaviour can also change
    • While closely related, burnout and stress are different phenomena, and it is
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Sleep

    Chronic Fatigue


    Are people with CFS just tired?

    People with CFS are more than “just tired”. They suffer from an intense fatigue and exhaustion that won’t go away. Physical or mental activity can make their CFS symptoms worse. To recover, the person must rest for longer than usual. People with CFS have

  • Drowsy Driving

    DrowsyDriving header 0722

    1. Have you ever driven while drowsy?

    Many people drive while they are drowsy. A 2016 survey found that 29% of Australians have driven drowsy in the last month, and 20% reported having fallen asleep while driving. These crashes are more likely to result in death or serious injury of the driver

  • Fatigue as an Occupational Hazard


    Do ‘sleepiness’ and ‘fatigue’ mean the same thing?

    Often people use them as if they do mean the same thing. Both are linked with feeling "tired", but are two distinct conditions.

    Sleepiness is when you feel that you need or want to sleep. It happens because of not getting enough good

  • Healthy Sleep Practices for Shift Workers (Sleep Hygiene Tips for Shift Work)

    As a shift worker, it can be difficult to get enough good quality sleep, which can impact health, wellbeing, job performance, and safety. The following guidelines are designed to provide shift workers with advice on healthy sleep practices, which can improve sleep during rostered periods of work

  • Nine expert tips to beat jetlag

    Sleepless night and hazy days on holiday – be gone! Already dreading your next long-haul flight? Then keep reading as Professor Dorothy Bruck from the Sleep Health Foundation shares her expert tips on how to combat jetlag so you can get the most of your next holiday!

    Get adjusted to the time

  • Obesity and Sleep

    Things you need to know about Obesity and Sleep

    • Not getting enough sleep increases the risk for obesity by altering processes that promote weight gain
    • Weight loss is more difficult to achieve in individuals who report short sleep times
    • Sleep loss combined with inappropriate timing of eating
  • Shiftwork

    Shiftwork updated

    How can shiftwork affect my sleep?
    Generally, the body is programmed to sleep best overnight and to be most alert during the day and early evening. If you work night shift, it might not be easy to sleep enough or to sleep well during the day. If you start work very early in the morning, it might

  • Sleeping Better in Your Hotel


    1. Get the Environment Right

    • Your room should be quiet. Hotel rooms are usually well sound proofed to help you sleep well. Use the “do not disturb sign” to prevent unwanted interruptions and take care with the time you set on your alarm clock for the morning. Ear plugs may help if you have a
  • Tips to Help Combat Jet Lag

    JetLag header

    1. For short trips, stay on home time.
    If you are away from home for a only a day or two, try to eat when you would usually eat at home, try to sleep when you would usually sleep at home and try to not go outside when it is dark at home.

    2. For longer trips, change your time as soon as possible