Content & Editorial Policy


The Board of the Sleep Health Foundation (the "Foundation") is committed to provision of accurate, readily understood information about sleep and its disorders as the primary objective of its public education endeavours.


This policy has been developed to articulate its requirements for and approach to preparation of educational material.


Educational material includes brochures, information sheets and publications prepared by or on behalf of the Foundation.


Foundation public education material will be prepared according to the following principles:

  • The topics to be addressed in Foundation publications will be determined by the Foundation Marketing and Communication Committee (the "Committee"), according to needs identified by the committee itself or from suggestions made to it.
  • The Committee will then commission one or more clinicians and/or scientists with recognized skill and expertise related to the topic to prepare a draft. The input of these clinicians and /or scientists will normally only be acknowledged in a group listing format and their names will not be associated with specific educational material, unless it is extensive and specialized.
  • The draft will be edited by or under the direct supervision of the committee.
  • Every effort will be made to ensure it is accurate and appropriately comprehensive. Literary editing will be undertaken to ensure the information is readily understandable to its target audience. The final draft will be reviewed by the Foundation chair, in consultation with the chair of the Committee. Where any doubt exists the material will be referred for expert external review.
  • It will be made clear on all publications that the information is not a substitute for medical advice which should always be sought for diagnosis and treatment of specific health problems.
  • The date of publication will be indicated on all publications. These will be reviewed and, where needed updated at regular intervals. These intervals will never exceed 3 years.
  • Any financial support provided for distribution of the materials will be independent of their preparation. External sponsorship will not be accepted in the preparation of these documents.
  • All information will be objective and every effort made to avoid information that is false, misleading or advocates ineffective or harmful approaches. The Committee shall ensure that the clinicians and/ or scientists involved in preparation of educational materials do not have conflicts of interest that could be perceived to bias or distort the content of the educational material.
  • Feedback from consumers of the educational material will be encouraged. Where errors, inaccuracies, other deficiencies or useful additions are identified the document will be promptly reviewed by the Committee and revised where appropriate.