Copyright Policy

Purpose of Copyright

To ensure where Sleep Health Foundation ("the Foundation") materials are referred to or reproduced by other organisations or individuals that: permission is obtained for such use; the material is correctly acknowledged; appropriate fees are paid; and provisions of the federal Copyright Act 1968 are adhered to.


While the Foundation is, in principle, pleased to see its materials used by others to educate and inform regarding sleep health issues, these materials {whether in print or electronic format) are protected by copyright. As such, except where made freely available for personal needs, the Foundation's permission is required for their use and this use must be accurately acknowledged. Licensing fees may apply, particularly for commercial use of materials.

Where permission is required

  • Where material is used in commercial publications
  • Where material is adapted for other use
  • Where material is to be use in electronic media, including all internet applications
  • Where the Foundation logo is used
  • Whenever material is to be used outside Australia and New Zealand

Where permission is not required

  • Where information is for private, personal use


The Foundation's material must be acknowledged close to where reproduced and, where applicable, on the imprint page of the relevant publication. The style of acknowledgment is negotiable but in general will be: (for imprint page) "the material on pages xx, yy .... is reproduced with the permission of the Sleep Health Foundation"; and (close to use of material) "(Sleep Health Foundation". In Broadcast media the "Sleep Health Foundation" should be acknowledged where its material is used.


The Foundation may charge fees for use of its materials, particularly if they are to be used for commercial purposes. In general this will not apply to use of materials in print or broadcast media.

How permission is obtained

Application for permission to use Foundation materials must be made in writing/by email to the Foundation executive secretary, giving relevant details about the publication, event or activity for which it is to be used and the material involved. Such enquiries will be promptly attended to with response in writing/ by email.