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Des Lardner's Organics

Des Lardner's Organics

5 Firebrace Street, Horsham 3400, Victoria

03 5382 7766
General info

At Des Lardner’s Organic, we have over 20 years’ experience and committed to providing our patients with the optimum CPAP solution to effectively treat their OSA condition. Our focus is in providing the right CPAP equipment, service and support to maximise individual therapy outcomes and ultimately improve sleep habits so patients get the most from life! Patients are able to trial a range of masks, machines and accessories from leading manufacturer. Our service also includes:

• Access to a comprehensive ‘CPAP Therapy Trial’ program prior to the purchase of CPAP equipment which is tailored to personal preferences and budget.
• A commitment to working with GP's, Respiratory or Sleep Specialist's to optimise the outcomes and health benefits of CPAP therapy.
• Ongoing support program to ensure CPAP equipment and treatment continue as prescribed by offering regular free Service and Information days.

All these services provided in private consulting