Pre-budget submission - December 2019

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This joint Sleep Health Foundation/Australasian Sleep Association two-part proposal asks for $28.9M support, staged over 5 years (year 1 = $5.8M) to deliver a world first comprehensive sleep health strategy as an integral component of a broader preventative health plan.

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NHMRC Targeted Call for Research

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Sleep Health Foundation submitted a proposal to the National Health and Medical and Research Council Targeted Call for Research to address a significant research knowledge gap and unmet need in Sleep Health.

Proposed Research Question

Can we improve young people’s sleep and health by

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National Preventative Health Strategy Workshops

Improving peoples lives

We were invited to attend the National Preventive Health Strategy Workshops held early November 2019 in Melbourne. The discussions were stimulating and informative and we look forward to seeing the Strategy Draft next year.

We noted that consultation workshops had been held on various topics

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Aged Care Royal Commission

Aged Care submission

The Sleep Health Foundation and the Australasian Sleep Association have worked together to identify three of the most pressing issues regarding the Quality and Safety of Aged Care and Sleep. The three issues being:

  • Lighting to improve cognition, mood, sleep and health in aged care

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Call for Individual submissions re Productivity Commission Draft Report into Mental Health in Australia

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The Productivity Commission’s draft report on Mental Health has recently been released and they are now calling for submissions seeking further information and feedback regarding it, preparatory to its finalization.  Details about the report and making submissions is to be found at

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Transforming the Sleep Health of Australians

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A submission to the Federal Government for funding a Joint Initiative by The Sleep Health Foundation and The Australasian Sleep Association November 2019 to promote awareness and behaviour change for all Australians empowering & educating primary care providersThe need to promote awareness around

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Pre-Budget Submission - February 2019


This pre-budget submission requests funding to address a growing national problem with important health, well-being and economic consequences: inadequate sleep. Sleep is a fundamental biological need which is essential for recuperation, memory consolidation, performance, learning and emotional

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