Aged Care Royal Commission

Aged Care submission

The Sleep Health Foundation and the Australasian Sleep Association have worked together to identify three of the most pressing issues regarding the Quality and Safety of Aged Care and Sleep. The three issues being:

  • Lighting to improve cognition, mood, sleep and health in aged care facilities
  • Safe prescribing of sleeping medications and regular monitoring to determine need and desirability.
  • Screening for sleep disorders, especially moderate to severe sleep apnea - particularly given research linking untreated OSA with risk of dementia.

Members of the two organisations with expertise in each area were co-opted to write a submission on each topic and these are combined within this document to form one submission on behalf of the SHF and the ASA. 

We believe that sleep is a crucial issue in ensuring the well-being of the elderly, both in the home and in aged care facilities, and we urge the Royal Commission to consider these three important issues when reporting recommendations.

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