Congratulations to Dr Alex Wolkow

alexander wolkow

Congratulations to our director Dr Alex Wolkow on receiving an ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA).  The Sleep Health Foundation welcomes the opportunity to provide leadership development to help shape its members careers in the field of sleep health medicine. 

DECRA Application Summary

Sleep and circadian disruptions due to shift work are common for emergency personnel, but their impact on team performance and decision making is poorly understood. Using an ecologically relevant simulated work environment, this project aims to examine how shift work influences work performance and team decision making and identify potential stress-related mechanisms that may underpin impairments in these outcomes. By understanding the role poor sleep and circadian misalignment due to shift work play on work performance, this project will inform industry practices and training approaches designed to optimise workplace safety and emergency performance. This project will benefit emergency personnel and the people who depend on these services.