Controlled crying?

Does controlled crying really work?

Controlled-crying techniques may help some babies sleep through the night, but for many exhausted new parents, it's just a recipe for more tears all round.

"To sleep, perchance to dream," says poor Hamlet, obsessing about sleep, and also about death. By the time my daughter was eight months old, I knew how he felt. On a good night she would wake three times; on a bad night, six. Until I had a baby, I had no real idea what a profound lack of sleep actually feels like. "Torture," supplied my best friend, a doctor (and a mother). "It's a recognised form of torture." I was alternately exhausted and desperate; fatalistic and furious. I couldn't imagine it ever ending; at the same time, I felt I'd do anything to make it end. Even, God forbid, read a baby sleep manual.

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