Request for Expressions of Interest for: Expert Consultant for online marketing based survey on older adults

Request for Expressions of Interest for

Expert Consultant for online marketing based survey on older adults

This is a call for EOIs from individual experts to undertake a short consultancy project with a communications company to advise on the development of an online survey and interpretation of results regarding sleeplessness in older populations (> 55 years). Funding will be provided by Arrotex Pharmaceuticals Australia.

Purpose and Outcomes

SODA Communications have approached the Sleep Health Foundation seeking expertise consultancy services, on behalf of Arrotex Pharmaceuticals, to conduct a nationally representative online qualitative survey on sleeplessness in older populations (>55yrs) to gain insights regarding impacts on quality of life. This survey is intended to address issues such as mental health, impact on day-to-day living, and common coping strategies (e.g., homeopathic remedies).

High level insights gained from the survey are intended to inform a marketing campaign for the launch of Melotin  – over the counter melatonin expected to be launched in September. Since June 2021, a form of melatonin has been available from pharmacies without a prescription for people aged over 55.

Note that as this is a sponsored survey, it cannot endorse the use of melatonin.

SODA have engaged YouGov – an internet-based market research and analytics company - to administer the survey, collect the data and report on the findings.


Expected consultancy up to 20 hours in total at $350 per hour (plus GST).  

Required Tasks & Timeline

  1. SODA would like to engage an expert as soon as possible.
  2. Expert to liaise directly with designated SODA contact at all key phases of the consultancy.
  3. Expert to advise on formulation of survey questions, inclusion criteria, analysis approach. Expert will be included in the survey approval process with YouGov researchers.
  4. Once questions are approved (by expert, Arrotex and YouGov), the research will be in field for 6 days.
  5. Once results are received, the expert will look at the data and provide any insights and comment on what the data shows. This will be used to create the media angle and the expert will be quoted in the publicity release.
  6. Expected launch date of MelotinMR is 19th September and from that point onwards, SODA would like to engage the expert as spokesperson for media opportunities.
  7. SODA is also looking to partner with a large online community and would like to have the expert do some Facebook lives as an education series that will be labelled ‘Brought to you by Melotin MR’. Topics TBC but likely be informed by the experts ideas, and the research. Timings for this would also be around the 19th September.

Expressions of Interest

EOIs should be no more than 3 pages and include:

  • Principal contact and institution (attach Brief CV as an Appendix)
  • Capability (skills) to achieve the desired output including a description of similar work undertaken
  • Background in sleep/sleep health and appropriate knowledge of the target population (>55 yrs)
  • Capacity to achieve the proposed timeline and deliverables of the consultancy

EOIs are due by 4pm on 9th August 2021 and should be submitted via email to Andrew Tucker . Any specific questions about this project should be initially addressed to this email address.