How sleep fit are you?

World Sleep Day sees the launch of Australia’s first national, personalised sleep test – “How sleep fit are you”?

On this World Sleep Day, SleepFit and The Sleep Health Foundation have teamed up to launch Australia’s first national, personalised sleep test. Created by leading sleep experts and supported by the Sleep Health Foundation, the “How sleep fit are you?” test will instantly calculate your personalised results and provide you with information and education based on your current sleep patterns, helping you take immediate steps to a better night’s sleep.

  • 39.8% of Australians suffer from insufficient sleep1
  • It is estimated that $17.9 Billion is lost annually in productivity alone2
  • 30-45% of the adult population are currently affected by Insomnia3
  • People suffering from insomnia are seven times more likely to be involved in accidents than good sleepers4

Australia’s first national, personalised sleep test launches Friday, March 15. Sleep problems constitute a global epidemic that threaten the health and quality of life for up to 45% of the world’s population. Specifically, 39.8% of Australian's get insufficient sleep. This impacts both physical and mental health and costs billions of dollars each year through lost productivity, accidents at work and other costs to the health system. In fact, Deloitte have estimated the annual cost of productivity loss alone attributed to insufficient sleep to be $17.9 Billion. Sleep issues have been linked to a range of serious health issues such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, Stroke, Cancer, Depression, Anxiety and a shorter life span - all of which impact the well-being of Australia and the cost of public health. In addition to the serious health risks, lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep also leaves us more vulnerable to accidents. People who suffer insomnia are seven times more likely to become involved in an accident causing death or serious injury than good sleepers. Many Australian’s experiencing poor sleep will be suffering from undiagnosed sleep disorders such as Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) or Insomnia. Most of these disorders are treatable, so awareness is critical.

Emeritus Professor Dorothy Bruck, Victoria University, Chairperson of the Sleep Health Foundation said “The Sleep Health foundation is delighted to be partnering with SleepFit on this national initiative on World Sleep Day. Innovative, digital solutions like this personalised sleep test allows us to help people concerned about their sleep and is an important step forward in setting Australia up for better sleep health.

”Sleep & Respiratory Physician and Medical Director, Sydney Sleep Centre, Dr Anup Desai (MBBS (Syd) FRACP PhD Sleep Medicine (Syd)) said; “By making this sleep test available to all Australians we can ensure as many people as possible are aware of, and educated about, their personal sleep health. This initiative provides a fantastic opportunity to positively impact the sleep health of Australia on this World Sleep Day and I would encourage everyone to get involved”.

Available for interview; Dr Erica Crome - Erica is a Clinical Psychologist and sleep expert. She has a PhD in psychology, Masters in Clinical Psychology and Masters in Health Management. She has over 20 published articles related to mental health and is the author of the latest SleepFit white paper on using digital technologies to improve sleep. Erica has treated adults with insomnia, anxiety, sleep issues and depression in clinical practice over the last decade.

For more information or to arrange interviews please contact: SleepFit contact: Amanda McGregor 0438 919 957 The Sleep Health Foundation contact (02) 8814 8655

About the Sleep Health Foundation:
The Sleep Health Foundation is Australia’s leading advocate for healthy sleep. It aims to improve people’s lives by promoting sleep, advocacy and raising awareness of sleep disorders. For more information visit

For more information or to arrange interviews please contact:
SleepFit contact: Amanda McGregor 0438 919 957
The Sleep Health Foundation contact (02) 8814 8655

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