CEO Message June 2022

I hope you are staying warm and well in your part of the country. 

It’s a been a busy few months for the Foundation. We feel that we’re in a state of momentum with our eyes firmly on ways in which we can best raise the awareness of healthy sleep with the government and in the general community. We are also focused on providing more information and support to those experiencing sleeping difficulties. 

We’ve commenced a post-election political advocacy campaign to raise the profile of the need for sleep health to be recognised as a national priority. This is a joint effort with the Australasian Sleep Association (ASA), and we’ll have more updates with this in the coming months. We’re farewelling our longstanding highly valued staff member, Helen Burdette, in mid-July, who has been with the Foundation from its inception over 10 years ago. We’ve welcomed a new fulltime staff member, Liv Patterson, who is our Administration and Communications Coordinator. We have had a new industry partner join our Business Council, The Sante Group, and we warmly welcome them into the fold. We are working with a newly formed Consumer Reference Council, which consists of people with lived experience of sleep disorders, who are advising us regarding our advocacy, our strategic direction and a review of our resources.

I am always happy for you to reach out to me personally if you wanted to chat about anything or learn more about how to partner with us in any way. Our vision is to improve people’s lives via better sleep and we need to approach this with a team-based, multi-level, big vison strategy and I am always open to your ideas. We would also like to remind you to join the Foundation, or renew your membership, as well as consider the benefits of an end of financial year tax-deductible donation so we can improve the resources we offer to the public for improving their sleep.

Warm regards,
Dr Moira Junge
Chief Executive Officer
Sleep Health Foundation