Farewell Helen

Helen Burdette has been with the Sleep Health Foundation almost from its very inception over 10 years ago as our Executive Officer. She is about to embark upon a well-deserved retirement and about to set sail on many long-awaited adventures here and overseas. Helen is such an integral part of the SHF that it’s difficult to imagine the Foundation without her being there.  When our founding Chair David Hillman left the Foundation he described Helen as the ‘superglue’ which keeps us all together and on track. This is really quite apt and she will be missed.

Throughout her time at the SHF Helen would always initiate, facilitate, follow through, follow up, and even ever so nicely badger us when necessary. Helen has always been quick to see an opportunity in developing our relationships.  At the more individual level -whether it was our graphic artist, IT person, business council rep, new healthy sleep partner, social media person or our accountant- Helen has been great at fostering these collegial relationships and this has always reflected really well on the Foundation.

Helen is humble, loyal and committed.  There is no stronger supporter of the SHF than Helen and she has shared our views along the lines of ‘Why doesn’t the rest of the world realise that sleep health is so critical?” and consequently has carried the Sleep Health flag and waved it vigorously for over 10 years! She will be passing on the baton in mid-July when she finishes her work, but no doubt will continue to fly the flag.

Helen will be sorely missed but she feels happy to be leaving the Foundation in good shape and in good hands. Helen should be very proud of her legacy at the SHF and her contributions will be remembered and valued for many, many years to come.  All the very best, Helen, and thank you so much for being both the superglue for the Foundation and enabling us to fly the sleep flag, and for helping with the foundational steps of building sleep health awareness in Australia.

Please join with us all in wishing Helen an absolutely splendid retirement.