Partner Networking Event: The inaugural Sleep Forum

The SHF is continually building partnerships with organisations to promote optimal sleep health for all Australians. As part of our mission to foster relationships between community, professional and business partners that have interests in sleep health, we invited current and potential partners to help us celebrate our inaugural Partner Networking Event. This was held on Thursday June 9th and it felt wonderful to meet in person. We had over 50 people attend and it was designed not only for us to meet with our current and potential partners, but mainly for them to gather and meet each other.

Our special guest for Melbourne’s event was Prof Matthew Naughton Head, General Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Service, Alfred Hospital; Adjunct Clinical Professor, Monash University. Matt gave a wonderful address on “The Future of Sleep Health”, and our Chair of the Board, Professor Shantha Rajaratnam, and our new CEO, Dr Moira Junge, said a few words about the Foundation’s current and future activities. We would like to thank all those who attended- even our founding Chair of the Sleep Health Foundation Professor David Hillman flew in for the event. Our special guest speaker for the upcoming Sydney event on July 13th is Professor Peter Cistulli. The key messages at these events are: that sleep is a hugely important component of society’s overall health, mental health, productivity, performance and that we have a lot of work to do and need many partners to get this important work done!