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The Sleep Health Foundation is one of 18 Essential Participants in the Alertness CRC.  

The CRC is promoting the prevention and control of sleep loss and sleep disorders and developing new tools and products to improve alertness, productivity and safety.

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Introduce primary school children to the importance of sleep through a new and free online sleep education program created by Australian sleep expert Associate Professor Sarah Blunden.

About the free sleep education resources:

  • Designed to engage primary school children aged 8-12 years
  • Based on years of research about children and sleep
  • Created by a sleep education expert and psychologist
  • Endorsed by the Sleep Health Foundation
  • Adaptable to primary school curriculum frameworks
  • Includes downloadable resources - click here


If you are interested in finding out more information on how to sleep better you can now join us on our facebook page.

The Sleep Health Foundation is keen to share information about sleep and help the community to improve its sleep quality. 

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Depression and sleep
Important Things to Know About Depression and Sleep:

People with depression often do not sleep well; those who suffer from insomnia or sleeping problems have a higher risk of depression; not all people with depression have sleeping problems and not all those with sleeping problems have depression; if sleep can be improved, this may help the depression; being exposed to bright light (outdoor or artificial) can help with both sleep problems and depression. More information here. Read more about Sleep and Mood.


The Foundation has developed this trifold version of its information sheets for use in your reception area, clinic or for promotional purposes, so that your patients can take some information home to read about their sleep disorder.

You can purchase these brochures at very reasonable prices and any proceeds are used to develop more sleep information resources.

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Help improve sleep health

The Sleep Health Foundation relies on the support of its partners, members and the community to fund research and public education about sleep and its disorders.

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