If you're the parent of a tired & grumpy teenager, then you'll know about the challenges of your child getting adequate amounts of school night sleep.

Recent research shows Australian teens are the 3rd most sleep deprived in the world. Tired adolescents are at risk of academic failure, demonstrate a higher incidence of depression, anxiety, behavioural issues & mood swings, have more car accidents, and have multiple compromised health measures.

Many teenagers are wrongly labeled as having mood disorders, when the underlying problem relates to a lack of sleep, a late body clock, or one of the other adolescent insomnias. Because of this, most sleep deprived teenagers never get the right help.

Dr Chris Seton, Adolescent Sleep Physician, & Dr Amanda Gamble, Adolescent Sleep Psychologist, from the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, have developed the world's first online diagnostic & treatment program for teens & pre-teens. SleepShack shows parents, teachers & health professionals how to recognize a sleepy teen. The SleepShack program conveniently transfers face to face assessment & treatment into the more appealing online environment.

If you have a teenager who has big weekend sleep-ins and/or is very difficult to wake up on school day mornings, have a look at SleepShack. You can read our blogs, join us on Facebook & look at interesting media & research information. If you have any further questions, please email our team.