Speaker Program

As the Sleep Health Foundation (SHF) grows and increases its presence in the community we are receiving more requests from organisations for speakers on a range of topics concerning sleep health.

We are keen to meet this need and provide high quality presenters for your next health and well-being presentation to your staff or community group.

Our speakers are sleep experts including doctors, scientists and researchers in the field of sleep so this service is not offered free of charge.

We can provide speakers to talk on many topics, including:

  • Understanding and helping poor sleep
  • Sleeping well as we get older
  • Sleeping well for students
  • Sleeping well for new mothers and babies
  • Sleeping well for families
  • Sleep apnea and snoring – improve sleep and health Improving sleep health for shift workers
  • Improving sleep health for (day) workers
  • Alertness, sleep and productivity
  • Sleep and mental health issues
  • Sleep deprivation and health
  • Understanding sleep disorders

To find out more about this service including costs or to book a speaker call our office on 02 8814 8655 or contact us.