Speaker Program


At the SHF we believe that it’s important to get the most up to date information about sleep and that’s why we offer our expert speakers to provide paid presentations on a range of topics concerning sleep health.

Our speakers are sleep experts, including doctors, scientists and researchers, currently working in the field of sleep medicine. 

We offer many topics to talk about and are happy to discuss tailoring our presentations to the needs of your organisation, community group or school. Some of the topics we offer, include:

  • Understanding and helping poor sleep
  • Sleeping well as we get older
  • Sleeping well for students
  • Sleeping well for new mothers and babies
  • Sleeping well for families
  • Sleep apnea and snoring – improve sleep and health Improving sleep health for shift workers
  • Improving sleep health for (day) workers
  • Alertness, sleep and productivity
  • Sleep and mental health issues
  • Sleep deprivation and health
  • Understanding sleep disorders

Most presentations are for 1 hour, including a Q & A session at the end. We can also provide workshops run over a few weeks or days. Our experts work with you to adapt their presentations to suit your specific requirements and to make the presentation as relevant as possible to your needs.

We offer events virtually, and when and where the opportunity exists, we are able to provide a speaker to talk to your group in person. We do not allow recording of talks without previous agreement.

To find out more about this service, including costs or to book a speaker, contact us via email at the address . Please include the following details:

  • Your contact details
  • The desired sleep topic 
  • Suggested times and dates
  • General demographic of the people attending the presentation