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Sleep Health Foundation call for volunteers 2020

The SHF has an exciting and ambitious agenda to continue to build our activities and expand our reach. However, we are almost exclusively a volunteer organisation. At the ASA Sleep Down Under conference last year we had quite a number of people approach us both to congratulate us on the work we have been doing so far and offering to help in some way. We would like to build on this goodwill and interest and establish a register of volunteers who would be happy to be approached to help us with particular tasks. This will help the Foundation to continue to work effectively with the community, government, and industry.

If you study or work in a sleep health area and are interested in furthering our goal of improving people’s lives through improving their sleep then please consider completing the form below.

Please understand we are unlikely to respond immediately to your expression of interest but be assured we will collate and record all the information and aim to match people with tasks and opportunities as they arise.


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