Wandering at Night helpful ideas

When you find your loved one wandering at night:

  • Gently remind the person that it is night-time and it's time to go to sleep.
  • Check if they need to use the toilet, consider if they are hungry, frustrated or bored?
  • Think about what changes you could make in the environment to calm them down.  
  • Have ways to guide the person back to bed.
  • Perhaps 15 minutes of soothing music, or a small amount of food or drink or maybe a short massage will help them relax.
  • If locks are used, be sure that they are not a fire hazard.
  • If you do not want the person you are caring for to use a particular door, paint it the same colour as surrounding walls so it does not stand out. You can also make a sign saying ‘do not go through this door’ or use an image that might stop them opening it.
  • Another idea is to put bells on any doors you do not want them to go through and have a baby monitor nearby so you can hear the door opening.
  • Consider providing the person with dementia with a location device, ID bracelet or sewing their name into clothing.