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From sleep disorders to simple tips for a better night's sleep.

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A speaker for my workplace

Organise a speaker to provide a presentation on a chosen sleep topic.

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Educational sleep events

Regular free, virtual events hosted by the Sleep Health Foundation.

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Research collaboration

We have world class researchers ready to talk to you about your research or consulting needs.

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Healthier lives start with healthier sleep. Promoting better sleep should be a priority for all Australians.

Promoting better sleep to optimise health, wellbeing and performance for all Australians

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Information, education and health promotion

Providing evidence-based community education tools and materials to promote sleep health.

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Political and community advocacy

Providing strong advocacy to help meet the sleep health needs of the community and people with sleep disorders.

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Research and industry partnerships

Facilitating and disseminating sleep research to help inform better policy level outcomes and tips for individuals.

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The Sleep Health Foundation aims to improve sleep health for the whole community. These are some of our current focus areas.

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