Medical Journal of Australia

Sleep disorders: a practical guide for Australian health care practitioners.

A major investment of both time and money has seen the publication of a Medical Journal of Australia supplement on Sleep Disorders. It is intended that this will become a major tool in the education of health professionals on the importance of sleep health, as well as diagnosis and best practice treatment of sleep disorders. The supplement is now available on the SHF website. To view or download, please click here.


Generally, the body is programmed to sleep best overnight and to be most alert during the day and early evening. If you work night shift, it might not be easy to sleep enough or to sleep well during the day. If you start work very early in the morning, it might be hard to sleep in the evening.

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Children's sleep vital

Children's sleep vital SLEEP plays a vital role in the early learning and development of babies and young children, a study has found. Infants who nap are better able to apply lessons learned to new skills, while sleeping appears to help pre-school toddlers retain learned knowledge. US researchers looked at the ability...

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Simply going to sleep

Simple LifeBusiness owner and mum Shauna Stafford is on a mission to simplify her life. So far she's tackled her mind, diet, household clutter and exercise. This week she's on a quest for a simple night's sleep, with some help from the Sleep Health Foundation's David Hillman.Listen to David's advice...

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7 Best Sleep Apps for Insomniacs

Having trouble sleeping? There’s an app for that.Actually, there are a whole bunch of apps for that. In honor of Sleep Awareness Week, we’ve done a little research and assembled a collection of the top sleeping apps. We even tried a few of them (read: the free ones) out, so that...

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Sleep machine and babies sleep?

Sleep machines could affect babies’ hearing, study suggests.White noise machines for babies that are becoming increasingly popular among parents may be putting the children at risk of hearing loss, a new Canadian study suggests.If operated as sometimes suggested — with the device close to the child, on a loud volume...

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Negative effects of shiftwork

We've known for years that a shifting sleep schedule can lead to many health problems. More recent studies have shown us why. Disrupted sleep can actually alter your genes. In fact, altered genes are part ofthe mechanism of cancer formation. As such, having an out of sync body clock has been...

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Prof Dorothy Bruck talking to Chris Smith

2GB Radio announcer Chris Smith talks to Prof Dorothy Bruck. Interview with Professor Dorothy Bruck of the Sleep Health Foundation, who Smith notes is also with Victoria University. Smith says he has had horrific dreams since World Creek 2 started being advertised. Bruck discusses sleep apnoea, fatigue, and sleep disorders. She...

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Poor sleep and pain

Poor sleep linked to widespread pain. Regularly feeling tired and worn out after a night's sleep was the strongest predictor of also developing widespread pain in a new study of UK adults over the age of 50. "In older adults widespread pain, that is pain that affects multiple sites in the body,...

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Not breathing easy?

Sleep disorder that’ll take your breath away. Sleep apnoea is one of those conditions most people haven’t heard of unless they know someone who has been diagnosed with it and treated for it. Even many GPs don’t have it at the top of their list of suspected conditions when patients complain of...

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More healing sleep for newborns

Sleeping like a baby is an oft-used cliche. But while sleep is crucial for sick and premature babies to grow and recover, it can be difficult in a bright, noisy hospital.However those in a specially-designed ward in Bath can be confident of getting plenty of rest.When we try to soothe...

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While you sleep

Apps that track your sleep. Every morning, without fail, I wake up feeling groggy no matter how much sleep I get. For the next hour or so, I stumble around in a fog getting ready for the day, making breakfast and checking email, but really, I’m just going through the motions....

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Smart pillow stops people snoring

There's nothing worse than sleeping next to a snorer, spending broken nights elbowing and prodding them to roll them over. But now a smart pillow has been developed, which the manufacturers say will be a godsend for snorers' partners. The "snore activated nudging pillow" contains a microphone that recognises the vibrations caused...

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Sleep disorders & food

Food and sleep Foods have a huge impact on the sleep pattern which can either increase or decrease the likelihood of the formation of  other serious disorders. Below are given five foods that promote sleep, and four foods that may obstruct the sleep cycle. While hot milk and turkey are the most...

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It's the thought that counts with sleep

Lack of sleep is a pretty common complaint. Excuses for sleep deprivation include anything from having a newborn baby to drinking too much coffee, and we are constantly trying to play "catch up" for those extra hours of shut eye. There is also plenty or research on the negative impact a lack...

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Sleeping more may help kids fight obesity

New study finds link between sleep and obesity in children. It seems everyone is looking for a culprit when it comes to childhood obesity: fast food, sugary drinks, super-sized everything. But it turns out part of the blame may lie with the simple matter of turning out the lights and rolling...

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