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SurveyGrant POST 1015Grant to conduct sleep survey for Sleep Health Foundation

The SHF is seeking expressions of interest from researchers to facilitate the completion of a survey on 'Sleep in Adults' in Australia. The survey will be adapted from one previously completed in the US by the National Sleep Foundation. The grant is for $20,000, of which just over $10,000 is to be paid to a survey company who will conduct the data collection (quote already in place). The successful research team will develop the final survey, obtain ethics approval, work with the survey company regarding recruitment, analyse the data and write up a report by early May 2016. Publications of papers in peer-reviewed journals subsequent to the completed report is strongly encouraged.

EOIs are due 6th November 2015.

To obtain a copy of the full research brief and draft contract please email helen.burdette@sleephealthfoundation.org.au

Volunteers required for sleep-related research studies


Volunteers required for sleep-related research studies

If you are interested in participating in sleep-related research studies check our website here to find studies currently being undertaken.

Speaker Program

As the Sleep Health Foundation (SHF) grows and increases its presence in the community we are receiving more requests from organisations for speakers on a range of topics concerning sleep health. We are keen to meet this need and provide high quality presenters for your next health and well-being presentation to your staff or community group.

Our speakers are sleep experts including doctors, scientists and researches in the field of sleep so this service is not offered free of charge.   

We can provide speakers to talk on many topics, including:

  • Understanding and helping poor sleep
  • Sleeping well as we get older
  • Sleeping well for students
  • Sleeping well for new mothers and babies
  • Sleeping well for families
  • Sleep apnea and snoring – improve sleep and health Improving sleep health for shift workers
  • Improving sleep health for (day) workers
  • Alertness, sleep and productivity
  • Sleep and mental health issues
  • Sleep deprivation and health
  • Understanding sleep disorders

To find out more about this service including costs or to book a speaker call our office on 02 8814 8655 or email: admin@sleephealthfoundation.org.au.


Research Recruitment Service

The Sleep Health Foundation has launched a new service for members to help researchers find volunteers for their sleep studies.

The foundation's website now has a page dedicated to sleep-related studies that can be easily accessed by people wanting to sign up. The page will link potential recruits with study organisers, boosting the pool of new volunteers.

All members can list their institutional ethics approved studies on the website and they will also be promoted on the foundation's social media sites. Some studies could also be promoted to the media, increasing exposure to new recruits even further.

If you want to list your sleep-related study please send full details of the study to admin@sleephealthfoundation.org.au, includng evidence of ethics approval, a brief overview of the key research question, a few sentences about what participants would be expected to do, location of the study, who is eligible to participate, who to contact and by what date.

Sign up for the SHF Code of Practice

The Code of Practice encourages high standards 

The Sleep Health Foundation has launched its Code of Practice for Suppliers of CPAP Sleep Therapies to help ensure a consistency in standards adopted by suppliers of therapies for sleep disorders. A comprehensive and considered approach to patients and their treatment is required.

  • Use the SHF Code of Practice Logo on your website
  • Link to your certification in the SHF directory of approved providers
  • Display the SHF Code of Practice in your reception area
  • The SHF Code of Practice is endorsed by the ASA

To find out more and to sign up click here.

Search Site

Happy Body at Work

Happy Body At Work

Happy Body At Work (HBAW) is an evidence-based wellness Program designed for sedentary workplaces seeking to improve the energy, resilience and performance of their teams.

This innovative 8 week, multimedia Program focuses on four key lifestyle habits - sitting, moving, stress and sleep and aims to engage and empower employees at work and home.

More information here Happy Body at Work Web Site.

Alertness Safety & Productivity


Reducing the burden of impaired alertness on the safety, productivity and health of all Australians.

More information here.

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