Our partners

As a not-for-profit health promotion charity, the Sleep Health Foundation is grateful for the support of our mission through corporate partnership.

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Business Council

Without the continued support of our corporate partners who form our Business Council we would not be able to increase public awareness of sleep disorders and their treatment or act as Australia's leading advocate of sleep health to the public, governments, employers, road safety bodies and other organisations. 

Our Business Council members are:

  • Interested in sleep health
  • Focussed on integrity and fair dealing
  • Provide accurate information to clients and suppliers
  • Recognise the value of an evidence-base for product designed to promote sleep health
  • Help ensure purchasing decisions of clients are based on their preference, not sales pressure
  • Behave in a manner that encourages client and supplier loyalty and return business
  • Look to compete by building reputation, not by damaging the reputation of competitors.

Business Council:

Healthy Sleep Partners

Through our Healthy Sleep Partner Program, the Sleep Health foundation encourages businesses who have direct contact with consumers interested in a good night’s sleep, to partner with it and become informed advocates for healthier sleep. These partners also need to meet the criteria listed above for Business Council membership.

While the Sleep Health Foundation Board has agreed that we cannot endorse one product or brand over another we are keen to help businesses with a customer focus to help spread the healthy sleep message.  

Healthy Sleep Partners:

Information Partners

Our Information Partnerships are based on the provision of information and resources between the Sleep Health Foundation and other health-related organisations. This includes links to and listings of each other's logos, websites, newsletters (where appropriate), and events. There is no financial cost involved in becoming an Information Partner, rather trade involves providing exposure. Specific details of an Information Partnership agreement are subject to the relevance of each organisation's industry and individual resources.

Our Information and Content Partners are: