Sleep DownUnder: Sleep matters for hospital patients too

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November 11, 2023 1:45 PM
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Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide

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Sleep DownUnder is the annual scientific meeting of Australasian Sleep Association (ASA) & Australian and New Zealand Sleep Science Association (ANZSSA). The program will feature a selection of short courses - intensive in-person learning, and a three-day conference finishing with a gala dinner on Saturday night.

The Sleep Health Foundation is proud to be contributing to this years program with a plenary about how "Sleep matters for hospital patients too."

There is growing evidence that hospital patients frequently experience disrupted sleep. Despite the evidence that sleep is vitally important to promote healing, this topic has been under recognized, under researched and typically ignored by hospital administrators. Sleep disruption among hospital patients may be quantitative (e.g. reduced nocturnal sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep times) or qualitative (e.g. poor quality sleep). A variety of patient-related and environmental factors (including noise, frequent awakenings and circadian issues) have now been identified as potential barriers to good sleep in hospital ICU and ward settings.

This session will cover four topics - updates on relevant research and new data in (1) paediatric and (2) adult hospital settings, (3) assessment of circadian management in hospital and hospital-like settings, and (4) an overview of the Sleep Care in Hospitals Code of Practice (developed by the Sleep Health Foundation) currently being implemented in an Australian hospital.


Prof Robert Adams

Professor of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine

Flinders University


Prof Dorothy Bruck

Emeritus Professor

Victoria University


Dr Moya Vandeleur

Paediatric Sleep and Respiratory Physician

Royal Children's Hospital

Sleep disruption and modifiable factors in adult hospital patients

A/Prof Alan Young

Director Sleep Services

Eastern Health

Noise and circadian management in hospital ICU settings

Prof Peter Catcheside


Flinders University

Implementation of the sleep health foundation "Sleep care in hospitals code of practice"

Dr Moira Junge

Chief Executive

Sleep Health Foundation