Sleep Health Week 2023

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September 27, 2023 12:00 AM
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Mark your calendars - Sleep Health Week is coming!

The week will take place from Monday 25 September to Sunday 1 October upon the commencement of Daylight Saving Time. The Sleep Health Foundation are excited to announce that the theme for 2023 is "Better Sleep. Better Health."

In a different approach to last year's event, Sleep Health Week 2023 will focus more broadly on equipping Australians with the knowledge and tools to improve their sleep health, and how better sleep can benefit your overall health, productivity and relationships. This year, we are proud to be highlighting our Consumer Reference Council, whose living experience helps to guide our mission and vision.

Topics we'll be addressing throughout the week:

  • Tips you can implement to improve your own sleep health.
  • When and how you should seek help for your sleep problems, and the difference between poor sleep and sleep disorders.
  • The short and long term benefits of healthy sleep vs short and long term impacts of poor sleep.
  • Sleep needs to be a national priority! We call on all Australians to start a conversation and demand that sleep health be addressed by politicians, educators, and workplaces nationwide. The first step to achieving a well-rested nation is making people aware of how important it is!

What to expect:

  • The Sleep Health Foundation have been working hard behind the scenes to launch updated branding and a fresh new website. These will be launched in the lead-up to Sleep Health Week and will be seen in action throughout the week!
  • Patient stories, including those of some of our Consumer Reference Council, will be shared in video form from the perspectives of people who have struggled with sleep disorders, mental health and lifestyle factors that have impacted their sleep and their health.
  • The Sleep Health Foundation will be publishing the results of our inaugural Aussie Sleep Snapshots survey, which will provide a peek behind the bedroom curtain at the current sleep habits of the nation.
  • CogSleep, Monash University and The Sleep Health Foundation have joined forces to present an educational community event: Harnessing the Power of Sleep for Healthy Brain Ageing. Register to attend the event on Wednesday 27 September at 6pm AEST at Monash University here.
  • On Sunday 1 October at 2am, clocks will be turned forward one hour to 3am, meaning a loss of one hour. The Foundation's Daylight Saving Task Force are releasing a survey, asking Australians to give their opinions on the annual event to provide more insight into how the nation feels about Daylight Saving Time.

For any questions, feedback or more details, email Liv Patterson at .