Bedtime Reading: Inquiry into Sleep Health Awareness in Australia


The Federal Government Report on the Inquiry into Sleep Health Awareness was tabled in Parliament on 4 April 2019. We are pleased to report that, from our brief considerations so far, the recommendations appear to be thorough, well-targeted and helpful towards fulfilling our aim of improving Australia’s sleep health.  The next important step is to ensure that the recommendations are funded and fully implemented by whichever government is in power after the election.

This Report from the Inquiry represents the culmination of the advocacy efforts over the last two years of the Sleep Health Foundation and Australasian Sleep Association, plus the efforts of patient, workplace safety and other community groups.  The quality of the report has been enhanced by the very large number of submissions to the inquiry (138), reflecting both the importance of the issues and the neglect of this significant health area.  The report has an impressively wide range of recommendations, which have been influenced by the breadth of submissions. These recommendations, if followed, will take sleep health, sleep medicine and sleep science to a new and proper level within the community.

Many thanks to all our supporters and those also working towards the goal of improving the valuing of sleep in our community.