A/Prof Andrew Vakulin

Board Member

A/Prof PhD, NHMRC R.D. Wright Biomedical Career Development Fellow (2019-2022), A/Prof Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health (AISH), Honorary Assoc Woolcock Institute of Medical Research

A/Prof Vakulin has research interest and expertise in investigating the impact of sleep loss and sleep disorders on daytime sleepiness, sleep neurobiology and neurobehavioural function, particularly in relation to operational performance and motor vehicle accident risk. His research focuses on biomarker discovery to develop innovative ways to assess fitness to drive/work in patients with sleep disorders. More recently he has also focused on sleep health services research developing simplified models of care for sleep disorder screening, diagnosis and management in primary care setting. Particularly, he has been leading the development of innovative online sleep health decision support tools and digital sleep health solutions, utilising new sleep monitoring technologies for simplified screening, diagnosis and management of sleep disorders in the community and primary care. He Chairs the newly formed Sleep Health Foundation Consumer Reference Council and the Australian Sleep and Alertness Consortium Steering Committee.