Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor Moira Junge

Chief Executive Officer

Doctor of Health Psychology, BA, Honours; D.Psych (Health). Health Psychologist, Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor

Moira commenced her role as the CEO of the Sleep Health Foundation at the beginning of 2022. She is a registered Health Psychologist and holds a Doctorate in Health Psychology. Health Psychology focuses on health behaviour change at an individual and population level so it was a natural transition for Moira to work across the clinical setting as well as the public health and health promotion setting. Moira has over twenty-five years’ experience in the healthcare sector and has worked in the sleep disorders field since 1994. She was a founding member of the Behavioural Management of Sleep Disorders Committee within the Australasian Sleep Association (ASA) and was the Chair of the ASA Insomnia and Sleep Health Council (2008-2015). She was on the board of the Sleep Health Foundation from 2016-2022 before becoming its inaugural CEO. Moira joined the Health Advisory Board at healthylife as one of its six members in 2022. She is passionate about promoting the importance of good sleep health, providing the community with access to evidence-based solutions for sleeping difficulties, and about translating research into practical applications in our community. These are the main reasons she has pursued working for the Sleep Health Foundation and that drive her everyday work.