Investigation into later bedtimes for individuals with sleep concerns

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September 12, 2023
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Our study aims to investigate the impact delaying bedtimes has on people with sleep concerns. We are interested in understanding whether alternate bedtime schedules have associated changes in thoughts about sleep, changes in daytime functioning and additionally whether there are flow-on effects on any co-sleeping bed partners. Ethics has been approved conditionally for this study.

Location of study

Flinders Insomnia Clinic
Room: SSN 253
Flinders University, Bedford Park

Who can participate?

We are looking to recruit single or partnered adults aged 18-64 years who have trouble sleeping and (if applicable) their co-sleeping bed partners.

What does your participation in the study involve?

Your time will be required on three occasions over a three-week period (which includes recording your typical sleep week prior to participation). On the first occasion an individualised sleep schedule for the following two weeks will be created and on each occasion you will complete some computer activities at Flinders University. This will be supplemented with daily diaries and questionnaires about your sleep.

If you are interested in participating please contact the Flinders insomnia Clinic via email: