Recruiting for Insomnia Working Group

Can support with lifestyle behaviours, such as diet and exercise, improve treatments for insomnia?

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September 12, 2023
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A multidisciplinary group of researchers and clinicians, led by Dr Alex Metse from UniSC, are seeking to develop, optimise and integrate evidence-based approaches to improve diet and physical activity into standard treatments for insomnia.

We are seeking expressions of interest from adults who have experienced symptoms of insomnia to be part of a working group for this research. We would appreciate your input, advice and ideas on all aspects of the study including: how we recruit participants, survey questions, and intervention components. We anticipate the working group would meet via Zoom approximately every 8 weeks between January and November, 2024.

Working groups members will be invaluable members of the study team.

Please click the link to express interest:

Alternatively, please email Dr Alex Metse on