Sleep: A core pillar of health and wellbeing

Last week the Mitchell Institute launched an Australia-first policy evidence brief on the importance of sleep.

Left to right: Stella McNamara, Prof Russell Foster, Prof Shantha Rajaratnam, Prof Rosemary Calder, A/Prof Moira Junge, Dr Bianca Cannon, Prof Maximillian de Courten, Prof Robert Adams
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September 12, 2023
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On Tuesday 14 November, the Sleep Health Foundation held an important sleep health advocacy event celebrating the launch of the Mitchell Institute's policy evidence brief, Sleep: A core pillar of health and wellbeing.

This report, led by Prof Rosemary Calder, highlights the importance of improving population sleep health to reduce preventable illness and injury. We are hoping it will help us get closer to answering why sleep health is such a huge population and health care problem and what can be done to prevent poor sleep and to improve sleep health in the Australian population.

Thank you to our international keynote speaker, Prof Russell Foster, who spoke about the UK House of Lords Science and Technology Committee’s inquiry into the impacts of noise pollution and artificial light on human health. Thanks also to our panel members, Prof Robert Adams and Dr Bianca Cannon, for their knowledge and insights into primary care and population health.

We look forward to seeing how this evidence and recommendations can help us improve health through better sleep.

View the complete policy evidence brief and policy evidence review.