Speaker Program spotlight: Dr Hailey Meaklim

Hailey provides educational presentations and media insights on behalf of the Sleep Health Foundation. She shares her experience.

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September 12, 2023
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I love to talk about sleep, and I am privileged to get to speak to individuals about improving sleep as part of my job as a sleep psychologist. But as a speaker for the Sleep Health Foundation, I’ve had fantastic opportunities to help get the ‘sleep message’ out to the broader public! These opportunities have helped build my skills in presenting to different audiences and engaging with the media, and while daunting at first, has been a great learning experience!

My favourite Sleep Health Foundation speaker opportunity so far was going ABC Radio National studios in Melbourne to talk about the impact of blue light on sleep with Associate Professor Sean Cain from Monash University. You don’t get many opportunities to get behind the scenes at ABC radio (or see Charlie Pickering walking around!), and the radio interview generated some great discussion about sleep in the community. In addition, we were able to direct listeners to the Sleep Health Foundation website so they know where to go to access good quality sleep information!

Another highlight was when the Sleep Health Foundation arranged for me to travel to Ballarat and present to Central Highlights Water employees about sleep. We had two presentations on the one day to cater for staff on different shifts. After the presentations, staff reported back that they had learnt a lot about sleep and also got some good tips on how to improve their sleep. Afterwards, a pub meal overlooking Lake Wendouree was a great way to finish a busy sleep presentation day.

So, do consider becoming a volunteer speaker for the Sleep Health Foundation! There is a real need in the community to have skilled sleep professionals ready to take media interviews and present on sleep to different audiences and you can help to fill this gap. For further information, please contact Helen Burdette at The Sleep Health Foundation.

Link to Radio National Interview: https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/lifematters/sleep-and-blue-light/10853484