Bedtime Reading - Parliamentary Inquiry Report

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The Federal Government Report on the Inquiry into Sleep Health Awareness was tabled in Parliament on 4 April 2019. We are pleased to report that, from our brief considerations so far, the recommendations appear to be thorough, well-targeted and helpful towards fulfilling our aim of improving

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Addressing Inadequate Sleep in the Australian Community

Joint Sleep Health Foundation - Australasian Sleep Association Pre-Budget Submission 2019

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This pre-budget submission requests funding to address a growing national problem with important health, well-being and economic consequences: inadequate sleep.

Sleep is a fundamental biological need which

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Sleep Health in Australia’s Federal Parliament House

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This report describes the sleep habits of individuals working at Parliament House in Canberra.  This Actiwatch study of the sleep habits of 50 politicians, staffers and media people was conducted in late 2018 over one week when Parliament was sitting and one week when they were not

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Cost Effectiveness of CPAP Therapy for the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

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This report, commissioned by the Sleep Health Foundation, conducts a comprehensive evidence synthesis from national and international medical literature examining the healthcare impact of obstructive sleep apnoea, and the beneficial effects of CPAP treatment and carefully translates this evidence

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Asleep on the job: Costs of inadequate sleep in Australia

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Key points from the Sleep Health Foundation report by Deloitte Access Economics 2017 - Asleep on the Job: Counting the cost of poor sleep

What is the report about?

The report investigated the economic consequences of inadequate sleep.

Inadequate sleep and daytime excessive sleepiness can arise

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Sickness absenteeism is associated with sleep problems independent of sleep disorders

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A quarter of working Australians may have one sick day a month as a consequence of poor sleep, a new survey reveals.

Sleep specialists are urging bosses to help their employees get their 40 winks on the back of a study that confirms sleep problems and sick days go hand in hand, even among people

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Sleep and mental well-being: exploring the links

Sleep and mental wellbeing


Sleep and mental well-being: exploring the links

A new research report from health promotion foundation VicHealth and the Sleep Health Foundation has found Australian teenagers are missing out on crucial sleep, with screen time, caffeine and stress keeping them awake.The research found

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Sleep disorders: a practical guide for health care practitioners

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This Medical Journal of Australia Supplement on Sleep Disorders is a unique resource for Australian health professionals providing information on the importance of sleep health, as well as diagnosis and best practice treatment of sleep disorders. 

To view or download, please

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Reawakening the Nation


Research reveals sleep disorders cost Australia more than $5 billion per year. An economic report commissioned by the Sleep Health Foundation reveals sleep disorders cost the Australian economy more than $5.1 billion a year in health care and indirect costs. In addition, the reduction in

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Wake Up Australia: The Value of Healthy Sleep

Wakeup Australia

Wake Up Australia: The Value of Healthy Sleep 2004

This report was prepared by Access Economics in 2004 for the steering committee of Sleep Health Australia, a nascent national sleep health organisation.

The report was funded by an unrestricted grant from the

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