Sleep in the Time of COVID-19: Top Tips to Catch Zzzz’s

Australians are being urged to avoid late-night drinking and lie-ins to get the quality sleep they need to cope in uncertain times.

With COVID-19 stress prevalent worldwide, the Sleep Health Foundation is warning people to keep consistent bed-time routines to help stay mentally and physically

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Sleep to boost your immunity

Sleep experts are urging Australians to get their 40 winks to help boost immunity.

A growing body of research suggests sleep-deprived people may have suppressed immunity, potentially putting them at greater risk of catching viruses.

“Sleep is now well understood to benefit immunity,” says Dr

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Aussies Lose Sleep After Bushfire Trauma

Sleep experts are warning the aftermath of Australia’s Black Summer has left many with troubling sleep problems as they struggle to deal with unresolved stress and anxiety.

Getting good sleep is critical to support emotional stability and future planning during the recovery phase of the nation’s

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Sleep struggles chronic and widespread: Study

MEDIA RELEASE: For more information and interview requests, contact on (02) 8814 8655

More than half of adult Australians are suffering from at least one chronic sleep symptom that is affecting their ability to live a healthy, happy life, new research shows.

A report commissioned by the

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How to Boost your Grey Matter in the Bedroom

For more information and interview requests, contact on (02) 8814 8655.

Your memory not what it used to be? Australians are quick to blame their forgetfulness on ageing when the real reason is closer to home, sleep experts warn.

Specialists at the Sleep Health Foundation are

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Parliamentary Sleep Inquiry Outcomes

MEDIA RELEASE 25 July, 2018

National campaign to get Australians sleeping better gets government support

One of the eleven recommendations from the recent federal Sleep Health Awareness Inquiry specifically calls for a national campaign to make the nation sleep better. 

‘We need this

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World-first parliamentary inquiry report marks defining moment for Australia’s Sleep Health

MEDIA RELEASE CANBERRA - Monday, April 8, 2019

World-first parliamentary inquiry report marks defining moment for Australia’s Sleep Health

The final report of a bi-partisan parliamentary inquiry into the nation’s ‘Sleep Health’ has been hailed as a defining moment for patients

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How sleep fit are you?

World Sleep Day sees the launch of Australia’s first national, personalised sleep test – “How sleep fit are you”?

On this World Sleep Day, SleepFit and The Sleep Health Foundation have teamed up to launch Australia’s first national, personalised sleep test. Created by leading sleep experts and

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Refreshing Sleep a Retirement Perk: Expert

Older Australians might toss and turn at night, but they’re still more likely than younger people to bounce out of bed in the morning, new sleep data shows.

Uplifting research released today on World Sleep Day has found that people aged 65 and over are happier with their shut-eye than those who

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Not Treating Snorers Costs Australia Millions: Report

Treating all Australians with the snoring condition obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) would earn $880 million for the nation’s coffers and significantly boost wellbeing, a new report has found.

Sleep specialists have welcomed a new Deloitte Access Economics report that confirms CPAP, or continuous

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Sleep Habits of MPs in Spotlight

A world-first study is set to reveal just how much sleep our politicians are getting while running the country.

Dozens of MPs, senators and their staffers have donned ‘watches’ that will track their sleep and activity for two sitting weeks of parliament, showing for the first time what hours they

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Caffeine a Crutch for Australia’s Most Sleep Deprived: Experts

Do you love your morning coffee jolt a little too much? Do you follow your first double shot with a second a little too quickly? Chances are you’re one of the caffeine addicts making Australia’s sleep specialists worried.

Experts at the Sleep Health Foundation are working to uncover the full

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