Sleep. Who needs it?

Newborn babies find it easy. Toddlers sometimes find it daunting. Teenagers are convinced they don't need it. Adults want it but frequently don't have the time for it. Seniors have time for it but often can't achieve it. Yet it's a simple fact that whatever your age, getting a good night's sleep is one of the best ways of staying happy and healthy. It's just as important as a good diet and regular exercise. That's why Philips and the Australian Centre for Education in Sleep (ACES) have developed a Sleep Module for its SimplyHealthy@Schools program. The module's message couldn't be simpler: children who sleep well grow healthy.

Download the Simply Health at Schools module on sleep, including its assignments, Parent's Guide and Teachers Guide and all drawings. The authors allow non-commercial use, provided that this authorship notice is included; that the guide is used in its entirety, without abridgement or omission of any part, including the drawings, and that the user allows the authors to publicise the use. Permission on these terms is obtained automatically by sending an email to  including contact information for the user and a brief description of (or link to) the use.